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Drug Trafficker Has Entered Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Although since 2005 Daniel James Fowlie is not allowed to legally enter Costa Rica, he is now here, in Pavones, in Costa Rica’s South Pacific.

Daniel James Fowlie costa ricaThere is no immigration record of his entry so it is assumed that he broke through the Panama border about a week ago. He is accompanied by his son who entered legally on January 13th.

He showed up in photographs talking to a mayoral candidate. Immigration has promised to explain what happened. His presence has created fear in the past. He spent 18 years in the US in prison for charges of drug trafficking.

Fowlie used his wealth to build schools and bridges in the ‘70s and ‘80s so the town of Pavones has sympathy for him. His fame faded when he was arrested in Mexico for leading a major trafficking network. He was sentenced to 30 years and a $1 million fine.

While he was incarcerated many people invaded his land. He has returned to reclaim it and develop programs for the community.

He has the support of the Association of Development of Pavones.

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