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Driving Drunk Is Going to Cost You $6 More in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – For all those planning on going out and partying this new years eve or any time in 2016, the fine for drinking and driving or reckless driving is going to be increasing.

drunk driving in costa ricaDrivers who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol going over 140 kilometers per hour, will be fined ¢3,126 (about $6) higher after January 1st.

This increase of 1% also applies to drivers traveling with a suspended license or performing dangerous maneuvers such as passing at intersections, railroad crossings, or tunnels.

You can also add going in the opposite lane or making a U-turn in areas where it is not permitted.

All of these moving violations are in group A. The fines will go from ¢ 306,448 to ¢ 309,574, as ordered the Superior Judicial Council per it meeting that occurred on November 10th of this year.

Considering the average salary in Costa Rica is hovering around the $700 a month range, this could mean the loss of close to an entire month’s salary for many. 

Do not drink and drive if not for the fact that it is illegal, it also puts people’s loved ones in danger…… do not kill anyone this holiday season or ever!

By Daniel Chambers, Costa Rica



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