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Drinking & Driving in Costa Rica? Get Your Saliva Ready

Costa Rica News – For all those planning on drinking and driving in Costa Rica, the penny in the mouth trick (which does not work anyway) won’t help. 

dwi costa rica4,000 saliva analyzers were purchased yesterday by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT).

These are intended to measure the level of alcohol in the blood of drivers.

During the first quarter of this year alone there have been 4,700 positive alcohol tests. The new saliva tests will be implemented in August and have had a ¢14 million investment.

These devices will replace blood tests for those who test positive on a breathalyzer.

Currently blood tests are only done to drivers who request it, as it requires a trip to a hospital or clinic and costs ¢38,000.

2,500 blood alcohol tests are run per year. The 4,000 saliva tests will last about two years. This alternative saves time and funds.

The College of Microbiologists endorsed the method and trained the officers.


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