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Dos Aguas; A Brother’s Love & The Costa Rican World of Narco Trafficking (Video)

Costa Rica Entertainment – 2,050 people have already seen the national drama, Dos Aguas, which began on Thursday.

dos aguas the movie la pelicula 1The film, made in Costa Rica, will also be featured in Argentina’s Tocumán Film Festival.

It is a movie that anyone who has been to Puerto Viejo will enjoy, as it is based there. Those involved in the work suggest that you request it be played at your local theater, as it is not yet available in all of them.

The story tells of a boy who’s brother is involved in the world of drug trafficking.

The boy and his friend decide to do whatever it takes to help the brother that he adores with all his heart.

Costa Rica’s south Caribbean is one of the most rich in terms of culture and biodiversity but it struggles with social and economic troubles.

There are many talented kids there who go astray following what looks like easy money but actually comes at a very high price.

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