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Don’t Take my Things! Costa Rica’s Bill of Forfeiture

Costa Rica News – The accused have many rights in a country like Costa Rica.

costa rica government taking your goodsThe new text of the Bill of Forfeiture seeks to ensure the protection of these rights as well as prevent the use of wiretaps.

The main idea behind this bill is to give the government a tool to take away goods that have been purchased with money from illegal acts, thereby diminishing the operational capacity of organized crime.

The prosecution would have to provide evidence of illegal business or the goods would not be taken away. The condition is that illegal activity must be demonstrated in order that the burden of proof does not shift to the accused.

The first draft was presented at the end of 2013 but faced too much opposition to be successful.

Now, after some modification, it is seen as a way to protect the innocent people from wiretaps and break down groups of organized crime.

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