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Don’t Eat the Dead Fish in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Authorities recommend that people stop fishing and the consumption and sale of fish from Abangaritos and Manzanillo of Puntarenas.

A bad smell occurred followed by thousands of dead fish washing up on the shore.

The warning comes from Health Surveillance, the National Animal Health Service and the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

This and other decisions were made after a meeting with representatives from each organization.

Another tip they offer is that tourists and locals refrain from bathing in this area of the Gulf of Nicoya. The warning will remain in effect until after studies determine the cause of the mass deaths.

Residents now fear for their health. Water samples are being analyzed.

Other concerns include that pests may be attracted to the area to eat the fish and that birds who eat them may become sick.

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