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Don’t Ask About Those Involved in the Money Laundering Scandal in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Ana Isabel Solano is the president of Banco Nacional. She has officially asked that neither the Governing Council or Sugef be informed about a debate related to the relationship of Jennifer Morsink with a company that was allegedly involved in money laundering.

money laundering costa ricaThis request was made in the minutes of a meeting of the bank’s Board on November 16th. The Board agreed unanimously to honor this request, so as to not allow room for misinterpretations by the press.

Because of this, very few details are known.

All we know is that the group discussed the possibility of revoking Morsink’s appointment and that Morsink was also linked to Latco, a company which had its bank accounts closed for accusations of money laundering.

Before the chance to have the position be revoked, Morsink left the office for health reasons in January.

The public is left waiting to hear the explanation of serious events of movement of money and accounts.

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