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Donald Trump “You’re Fired” by NBC after “Rapists” & “Murderers” Comments

World News – Looks like the Donald just got fired. NBC just told Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate and former star of “The Celebrity Apprentice” reality show, that he’s fired.

donald trump immigration president 1Following inflammatory remarks that Mr. Trump made about Mexican immigrants during his presidential announcement, NBC said in a statement that it was ending its business relationship with the billionaire real estate and media mogul. During his June 16 announcement, Mr. Trump referred to immigrants as “rapists” and “murderers.”

Citing “derogatory statements,” NBC said that it would no longer air the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants that were part of a joint venture with the network.

Mr. Trump already gave up his role as star of “The Celebrity Apprentice” ahead of his White House bid and NBC reiterated that he would have no role in that show. The reality series, which pits entrepreneurs against each other, added to Mr. Trump’s fame as he popularized the catchphrase “you’re fired” when dispatching with contestants.

Last week, Univision said it would not longer air Mr. Trump’s pageants following his remarks and a petition urging NBC to end its relationship with him garnered more than 200,000 signatures, adding to pressure on the network to dispatch him.

At a press conference in Chicago, Mr. Trump stood by his comments and said that NBC had been unhappy with him since he decided to run for president and step away from his show.

“I told NBC I could not change my stance,” Mr. Trump said. “The fact is that my stance on immigration is correct.”

By Alan Rappeport, From the New York Times

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