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Donald Trump & Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Trump’s administration has not made a negative impact on Costa Rica so far. Other than Costa Rica deportations at USA airports.

In fact, despite offending most nations, Trump has offered a hand to Costa Rica by allowing them to keep donations lent to them under the Obama administration.

The equipment was meant for the public police to combat drug trafficking.

It included airplanes, hangars, boats and virtual shooting ranges. It was considered the most important donation of the last 30 years.

President Luis Guillermo Solis met with Vice President Mike Pence at the White House on Friday and this was confirmed. They talked about cooperation agreements in the fight against drug trafficking and the provision of equipment for security forces as well as bilateral trade.

The US considers Costa Rica a “key ally” in promoting regional economic prosperity and security as well as good governance.

Both governments are willing to increase investment, trade and tourism.

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