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Dolphin Pod Footage Captured Off the Coast of Costa Rica (Video)

Costa Rica News – Sometimes you capture something on video that is amazing and wonderful.  When in Costa Rica those chances to see nature showing its beauty seem to occur on a daily basis.

dophin Pod Costa Rica

A Toucan coming to perch outside your window, a white faced monkey stealing your food on the b each, and many other amazing natural occurrences that bring people year after year to Costa Rica.

A few days ago another amazing natural phenomenon happened off the coast of Costa Rica near Drake Bay.

A dolphin pod was captured on video ​​by Shawn Larkin, a tour guide that has called Costa Rica home since the 80s.

Sometimes amazing things happen and we are lucky enough to share them with the world.

According to Larkin, he’s seen similar dolphin pods  in the past but on this one they stayed near them for much longer.  This pod was made up of the  “long beaked dolphin” or spinner.

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