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Do You Wonder Why There Are Delays in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – As usual, ridiculous details are delaying things in Costa Rica. Specifically, expropriations for Public Works are being held back.

The Attorney General attributes the issue to a lack of cars, drivers and travel expenses.

These things that are lacking lead to hindered processes of notification and entry of lots.

Additionally, MOPT recognizes logistics problems in acquiring properties for roads and expanding bridges and overpasses.

There may be no car or driver available to go make a notification or travel allowance to bring the judge and his assistant to the entry in possession of a lot. There may be unclear directions to notify parties or there may be a lack of coordination in time with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport over some procedure.

Aside from these logistic issues there is state bureaucracy, complex expropriation legislation, and the existence of just five judges to handle hundreds of cases.

Some procedures are not rescheduled until three months later.

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