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Do You Wish to Climb Chirripo in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Travel – If climbing the Chirripo is among your Costa Rica travel goals, this guide will help make it a unique and unforgettable experience.

chirripo-costa-rica-1The National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac) enabled online booking spaces to visit the highest peak in the country during the remainder of October and the months of November, December, January, February and March. Since Monday reservations can only be booked through the site

Explorers are required to define the number of days that they will be in the park and pay the admission fee, which is ¢ 4,000 per day, when entering their information online. The cost for foreigners is $ 18 per day.

The following step is to choose a route, which can be by St. Jerome or San Gerardo de Rivas; San Gerardo is most commonly used. Reservations at the hostel of the Crestones administered by Consorcio Aguas Eternas can be made for overnight stay.

Erick Villarevia, who works at the hostel indicated that accommodation at the hostel has a cost of ¢ 19,207 per person, per night. This amount entitles you to a shared room (four people), a sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, locker and toiletries (liquid soap, toilet paper and napkins). You can also add meal packages of ¢ 17,500 with three meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast) for a day or ¢ 35,000 for the three feeds for two days. You can also rent extra sleeping bags, towels, blankets and pillows.

People can also hire wranglers to carry the luggage while they climb. The cost of this is ¢ 2,086 per kilogram and can be canceled at the peak or at the end of the climb.

Inside the park, halfway through, there is a small shop where you can buy water, sodas, cookies, candy and crafts.

The fitness specialist, Donald Vega recommends to start preparing about three months before the journey. That time may vary depending on the physical condition and age of each person; a doctor check-up can help determine that.

Chirripo’s temperature ranges between 15 ° during the day to 0 ° degrees at night, explorers have to prepare for the climate. There are two ways to achieve this step effectively:

If traveling by car to work every day put the air conditioner toward the face at the coldest point, but not at full power. As it progresses day, continue to increase the power up to the maximum. This will allow the body naturally respond and prepare for the cold weather.

The other more aggressive, but more effective method is to fill a container with water and then pour enough ice. After leaving the ice about three minutes, the water will have reached about 6 degrees Celsius. Dive your face into the water. You must have a mirror in front to look at your skin tone. When the color of your face is white,

the exercise has ended for the day. This should be repeated daily two-weeks leading to the departure to the park.

Cold showers should also be added to the routine two weeks before leaving.chirripo-costa-rica-2

Part of the preparation includes physical conditioning. People can train their bodies by performing hikes and some routine exercises that will help strengthen the muscles and build stamina. Pico Blanco and the Cross of Alajuelita are good hiking options to train.

In addition, here are some basic tips for this unique travel experience:

Never break-in new shoes during a hike.

It’s important to wear socks and bring an extra pair in case it rains, water could freeze with the cold weather and may required a change of socks.

Keep a small bag with first aid tape, analgesics and some muscle ointment. Include bandages of different sizes and stop and put Vaseline and a bandage on the first small scrape on your foot.

Use sticks to support your weight and keep balance.

It’s important to put Vaseline between your legs area where underwear may rub.

Keep rainwear or take quick-drying clothes so if it gets wet it does not add weight to your load.

You can also wear gloves and knit cap.

By Brenda Sotelo

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