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Do You Want To Be Connected to the Costa Rica Sewer System? Open Your Wallet

Costa Rica News – We can only hope that the Costa Rican government has been using their large monetary gifts from China to put a sewer system in place for the residents of the San Jose area. But they are going to make sure that they get that money back right away from the locals in the area.

wastewater-costa-ricaThat’s right ladies and gentlemen, if you want to not pollute the Costa Rican rivers you are going to have to pay and in some cases pay dearly.  

There are 125,000 families within 11 counties of the metropolitan area that must get their homes connected to the sewer system of AyA, a process that will start operating this June.

This process can be costly, from ¢6,000 to ¢850,000, depending on the location of their home and the measures taken during its construction. They will also have to pay 33% on top of their monthly water consumption bill for the service.

The wastewater will be collected from each home and moved through pipes to be treated in La Uruca. 40% of the organic load will be removed before much cleaner water is deposited in rivers.

People will still be allowed to use septic tanks, provided they are in perfect condition.

If not, they will be required by the Ministry of Health to connect to the network. About 45% of subscribers use tanks while 55% pay for sewerage.

So here is Costa Rica’s solution to wastewater; A non-mandatory sewer system that comes with a mandatory cost of living works to clean Costa Rica’s highly polluted rivers.  

This should be interesting….. how long do you think it will take before this project changes it’s MOA? But something is better than nothing and it is a step in the right direction.

As we all know it usually takes CR a few tries to get it right…..

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