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Do You Want 50% Off Your Costa Rica Water Bill? Pray for Bad Service

Costa Rica News – Has water service been poor in your area, as it has in so many towns? If so, you may soon be looking at a 50% discount on your monthly water bill. Wouldn’t that be nice? (Not the poor service part!)

costa-rica-water-billWhat you will need to do in order to get the discount is make a formal complaint to your water company. A complaint can also be made to any provider whose water is not of good quality.

These new standards have been set by Aresep, the regulatory authority for public services, in an attempt to better and regulate the country’s water market. Another problem they are seeking to fix is bills that are delivered on or after the due date. They now say that companies must supply bills 10 days before they expire.

In addition, service providers will have just 15 days to coordinate with entities needed to complete repairs. This should mean no more endless leaks causing problems on highways.

If there is any damage or problem causing water to be turned off for more than 8 hours, they must provide alternative service, according to the new regulations.

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