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Do You Have Your Costa Rica Bullfighting Health Insurance?

Costa Rica News – Are you planning on heading into the ring with the bulls this holiday season in Costa Rica? 

costa rica bullfights 1Improvised bullfighters are a symbol of the holiday season for many Costa Ricans. These people risk their lives to show off their skills.

Luckily, they carry a special type of insurance.

Those who fight in Zapote, for example, normally have a policy up to a million colones (about $2,000) in case of a permanent disability or death.

They are also entitled to ¢750,000 (about $1,500) in emergency medical services if they need to be transferred to the hospital.

There are two other plans available to them but this is the most commonly chosen one.

The Ministry of Health requires that the event has an insurance policy with INS for ¢23.5 million to cover any accidents. Occasionally, these amounts have proven insufficient to cover the damage.

The Costa Rican Social Security Fund reported that during last year’s 11 days of bullfights, 61 people were transferred to hospitals and clinics.

The medical attention cost a total of ¢9.2 million.

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