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Dispute Grants Nicaragua More Sea Control, Costa Rica Wants It’s Shark Finning Waters Back

Costa Rica News – Just four days of the judgment of the International Court of Justice  (ICJ) that granted more sovereignty to Nicaragua after a maritime boundary dispute with Colombia, Costa Rica now is evaluating whether that resolution took good portion of its territorial sea. We all know why this is important to Costa Rica, this reduces the amount of ocean in which Costa Rica can receive money for shark finning bribes. They do not want to see money that could be going in their pockets go to the Nicas!

José Lino Chaves, recently appointed by the Government to the Vice Ministry of Water and Seas,(Also known as the entity that is smoke and mirrors for the travel industry to pretend like they are actually doing something to protect their waters from shark finners) said they received the ruling an it will be analyzed, including whether there  is a bilateral link between Costa Rica and Colombia dating from 1977, but that was never validated by the Legislature policy.

So they are trying to go back in time and actually validate a law, ex post facto to give them the rights to these waters. Looks like Costa Rica will do anything to make sure it stays as a power in the shark finning environmental destruction business sector.

In the agreement, the two countries settled their maritime boundaries using the principle of equidistance (drawing in half) in the portion of sea between the Caribbean coast and the island San Andres, Colombia.

While the treaty was signed by the foreign ministers Gonzalo Facio (under President Daniel Oduber) and Heraclius Fernandez for Colombia, which was not been ratified by deputies and would make about 25,000 km ² of Costa Rican waters given to Nicaragua.

Although the Costa Rican government will say this is purely a maritime ownership dispute, it is actually a fight to make sure that each country remains a higher priority for Chinese “investments”, also know as bribes, in the respective countries.

The funny part to me is both Nicaragua and Costa Rica are working together in the slaughter of these sharks. Shark fins from Nicaragua are  shipped to China through Costa Rican ports. This will of course allow for shark fins taken in Costa Rican waters to be smuggled through with the Nicaraguan shipments. Why are the shark fins are not being shipped directly from Nicaraguan ports? The answer is that Costa Ricans are heavily involved in this trade of fins from Nicaragua and the shark fin industry of both countries is linked.

Welcome to “Green” Costa Rica!

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