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Disgraced Ex-Penn State President has Federal Job

Why does this not surprise me?  I would also not have been surprise if Laura Chinchilla had offered this guy a job as the deputy of youth education in Costa Rica. Where could the disgraced, Sandusky scandal-marred, ex-president of Penn State go to find a job? The federal government–where else?

Graham SpanierThat’s right, Graham Spanier, who resigned from his position at Penn State last fall in the midst of the sex abuse scandal, now has a job working for a “top secret” federal agency, according to his lawyer.

An internal investigation conducted by former FBI director Louis Freeh turned up evidence that Spanier helped cover up Jerry Sandusky’s crimes. Sandusky would go on to rape and abuse more children in the years that followed.

Spanier’s attorneys say that the federal government conducted its own “re-review” of his security clearance in light of his role in the Sandusky case, and nevertheless reaffirmed his trustworthiness. That’s very troubling in light of the fact that Spanier may have broken the law by not reporting Sandusky’s abuse to law enforcement authorities. Spanier may face criminal charges himself in the near future related to the case.

In the meantime, the government continues to employ Spanier, which means that we are all paying his salary with our tax dollars. It also means that the government is entrusting work related to our national security to Spanier–a man who has proved that he simply isn’t trustworthy.

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