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Discounted Pallet Shipping Quotes for Any Size Business

Whether you are shipping 3 to 4 pallets a month to Costa Rica or shipping 100 to 200 pallets business to business within the USA, the time to start saving money on these shipping costs is now.

Companies that have $10,000, $20,000 or even $100,000 shipping costs each month are cutting these by 15 to 50% just by signing up for a partner program with USA Pallet Shipping.  If someone told you that you can use the same trusted services like UPS, Fedex and others and just pay less, would that interest you?  

Start Saving Money on Pallet Shipping Today!

I current client in Houston, had an overhead cost of $15,000 to $20,000 a month and after joining this program they were able to cut their costs by $5000 to $8000 a month.  They are able to book all their shipments online and use the same carriers they were currently using just at a fraction of the cost.

I know this might sound too good to be true, but the fact of the matter is this, the larger the volume you ship the lower the prices are going to be.  Due to the fact that USA Pallet Shipping has teamed up with Kelander Logistics, we are now able to offer the price discounts that the biggest volume shipper receive to everyone.

What is the Process?

We make it easy for any business to join the program.

  1. The business submits a credit application to see what terms they will receive, Net 15, Net 30 etc…..
  2. They are given their username and password
  3. They are walked through a quick 20 minute online demo which allows them to book and use price comparisons of the biggest shippers in the world, Fedex, UPS, and over 30 others
  4. You are Ready to Book

To get signed up for the easiest way to get the cheapest pallet shipping quotes around click the link below and we will run through the demo with you and you can immediately start saving on overhead. It does not matter if you ship to Costa Rica, the UK, Australia or just throughout the domestic USA or Canada, everyone can become a part of the pallet shipping program that is saving money on logistics overhead for companies around the globe.

Start Saving Money on Pallet Shipping Today!

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