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Discounted Pallet Shipping for Businesses

Shipping News – Whether you are a small business shipping a few pallets a month or have a larger operation which requires you to send more than 20 or 30 pallets a month, the cost of shipping logistics can be a big overhead cost.

pallet-shipping-2Most companies want to go with the tried and true logistics companies like UPS, Fedex, SAIA, and others that they know will deliver their precious cargo from pick to destination with the utmost care.  No one really wants to use someone that they have never heard of because the shipment getting to the client in excellent condition reflects on the reputation of their company as a whole.

But what if you could obtain the discounts that companies like Walmart and Target receive as a smaller volume shipping company? Amazingly this option is now available. You may be moving to Costa Rica and need to ship some pallets to friend’s house in another city or a business that needs to cut their shipping costs by up to 80%.

Get A Low Cost Pallet Shipping Quote

I know you are asking, so what is the catch? There is not one.  USA Pallet Shipping has negotiated rates through our shipping volume to pass the savings onto others.

For example you use companies like UPS, Southeastern Freight, Road Runner, SAIA or another one of the big shipping companies to handle your pallet shipping or other freight logistics. They are going to give you a price on the volume you are shipping and you are usually stuck in that pricing category. With USA Pallet Shipping you get to use the same companies but we get lower prices. Would you rather pay $1000 to UPS for them to pick up your pallets/freight or pay $500 to us for UPS to pick up your pallets/freight. You get to use the same trusted couriers and reduce your shipping costs.

Of course there is another option, instead of paying us we can set you up as a partner, you can handle all of your shipping and payments in house and get the same rates that we do.  If you want to become a partner click here. 

Become A Shipping Partner


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