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Director and Teacher Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Girl

San Jose, Costa Rica – The director and music teacher at the Scientific Institute in San Marcos, El Llano de Alajuela, were arrested yesterday on a sexual abuse accusation of a 14 year old student.  The arrest was made by ​​agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) at 4:10 pm, after the parents of the victim brought to the attention of the Attorney General the situation in the school in Alajuela.

Last night, the victim, accompanied by her parents, came to the Deputy Attorney Alajuela, where she provided a statement about what happened, said the press office of the Attorney General.

Then, the report said, would proceed to investigate the two defendants, one named Mejia, 63, who has served as director and appears as a member of the company that owns the school, and another that serves as a music teacher , surnamed Rodriguez and 40 years of age.

In the morning a hearing will be held in the Criminal Court of Alajuela, to figure out the measures that need to be taken. According to court information, the events occurred between the months of May and June. Presumably, the music teacher, after teaching the lessons, asking a student of 14 years to stay in the classroom. During that time was when, supposedly he committed the acts under investigation. When the child reported the situation to their parents, they went to the director, who cited them on the Wednesday in a meeting before school.

On that occasion, the Ministry’s Office, the director tried to reconcile the family with the teacher to avoid a scandal affecting the school. But the family refused and put in the complaint to the Office of Alajuela.

The Public Ministry reported that Mejia is going to be charged witp the crimes of dereliction of duty and Personal responsibility. Under Article 322 of the Penal Code is punishable by six months to four years in prison someone who help you avoid investigations of the authority or omit to report the matter to be compelled to do so.

As for dereliction of duty, is related to to protect minors, misses several penalties in article 187 of the Penal Code.
As for Rodriguez, linking him with four counts of sexual abuse, which is punishable under Article 161 of the Penal Code with imprisonment of three to eight years.

The Education Center Scientific Institute San Marcos belongs to the firm Almeler THG Corporation, according to the Public Registry.

Morera Fernando Madrigal, who is listed as president of the society, said yesterday that the news took him by surprise as he had no knowledge of the event.

He said several days ago he spoke with Mejia, but never told him about the matter that led to the capture. All of this seems odd to me that the punishment for sexual abuse is 3 to 8 years in prison but yet the government official that worked for the ministry of health that worked as a clown and was charged with sexual abuse as well only got 4 months.

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