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Did You Win the Costa Rica Christmas Lottery (El Gordo)?

Costa Rica News – If you were a tourist buying a Costa Rica lottery ticket for fun over your vacation time, you might want to get a direct flight down to Costa Rica today or early tomorrow, if the prize you one is big enough.

el gordo christmas lottery costa ricaDouble check your Christmas lotto tickets folks because some winners are missing.  Holders of winning tickets have until February 11th to collect their prize by appearing at the JPS headquarters or a bank with the ticket.

Number 63 from series 139 was the winning number, which was announced on December 13th. Winners will lose out if they don’t present themselves within 60 days of the announcement.

In the case that winners are still missing after the deadline, the profits will be forfeited and will be put into the JPS fund which goes to help at least 13 social organizations making a difference and in need of help. The organizations help the elderly, disabled, those at social risk and those with addictions.

The total unclaimed amount is over ¢408 million or a little over $755,000. This includes nine second place tickets and 21 third place ones. The numbers for these are 91, series 538 and 37, series 834.



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