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Desconectados – Costa Rica Stand Up Comedy

Costa Rica Entertainment – For all of you that are in the mood for a good laugh and enjoy the art of stand-up comedy, the members of the Deconectados Stand Up Comedy group are something you do not want to miss.  

Desconectados Stand Up ComedyDesconectados Stand Up Comedy is a group of stand up comedians that came together in 2012 to take their different styles of humor to bars, restaurants, theaters,  private parties, and  recently to television, with their constant appearances on channel’s 9 TV Show “Le llamamos comedia”.

Its members: Amy “La Flaca” Vincenti, Michael “Gringo Tico” Alvarado, Moises Maita and Esteban “¢ 40” Masís prove that comedy is everywhere. The secret of the group is the variety of topics and points of view offered by its members which have been formed by their different  life experiences and styles.

They guarantee the public a unique experience of laughter and entertainment with endless possibilities. Its members are professional entertainers with years of experience and are currently the only group of Stand Up Desconectados Stand Up ComedyComedians in Costa Rica. In addition to their shows they are dedicated to train and teach the techniques and bases of this style of comedy to new comedians.

Althought their shows are in Spanish much of the comedy is still understood by English speakers and they have in the past performed their show in English.

For all of you people out there that are not really fans of Valentines Day in Costa Rica, you might want to come catch their next show.

Anti Valentine´s Special!!!!

Not for people in love!

When: Friday February 15

Where: Sam’s Bar. 50 meters east of the Clinica Carlos Duran in Zapote, Plaza Esperanza cover: ¢ 3000

Time: 9:00 pm

Reservations: 8795-9776

Link on FB for Event:

Link on FB for the Group:

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