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Dental Tourism; Most Popular Dental Procedures in Costa Rica & Prices

Costa Rica Dental Tourism – People from first class countries like the USA and UK travel abroad to take advantage of dental tourism. It not only saves them money for the dental procedure but also gives them a chance to travel to a different part of the globe and enjoy a world class vacation.

There are numerous packages you can avail of that offers dental services bundled with fun-filled vacation. You can easily get information if you search online or you can directly contact an agency who can take care of every detail for you.

The following are the major dental procedures are done in Costa Rica that you can get at 40 to 70 per cent less compared to when you get it done at home:

1)  Veneers are wafer-thin strips of porcelain attached or glued to the front surface of the tooth to improve its appearance. It is used on teeth that are stained or discolored, chipped, rough or jagged, crooked and worn. It is also used as a solution for unsightly gaps between the front teeth and teeth that are either too small or large in proportion to the rest of the mouth. Veneers need preparation to guarantee high quality and long lasting results. 0.3 up to 0.5 mm of the tooth’s front surface is scrapped to allow space for the porcelain. Once the required portion of tooth is removed, the dentist will then make an impression of it and send the impression to the lab for veneer fabrication. Upon return, the dentist will check if the positioning, color and fit of the veneer to the tooth is perfect; if you and the dentist are satisfied the veneer will be permanently attached to your tooth.

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2)  Crowns are used on teeth that are too worn down or decayed to be restored by a filling. The damaged or decayed portion of the natural tooth is removed and the remaining part of it is reshaped to accommodate the crown that will be sitting atop it.

3) Bridges are used to bridge gaps between one or more missing teeth. It is usually made up of two crowns for the teeth adjacent the gap costa rica denturesand a false tooth in between them; the false tooth is called a pontic and can be made from gold, alloy and/or porcelain. There are many types of bridges and it is best that you consult your dentist to make an informed decision on which type is best suited for your needs.

4) Full and Partial Dentures are removable false teeth attached to a flesh-colored acrylic base that fits over the gums and held together by metal frames. The two types of dentures are full and partial dentures; full dentures are used on people who have lost all their teeth while partial dentures are used on people who still have some natural teeth left.

5) Dental Filling is a type of restorative dental treatment used to repair minimal tooth decay or tooth fracture. The traditional material used for filling is silver amalgam filling the small hole on a tooth drilled by the dentist to remove the decay; however for aesthetic reasons white composite fillings are highly recommended. With dental fillings, the tooth’s original strength is restored and the tooth becomes less sensitive to hot and cold drinks/food.

6) Dental Bonding is an excellent solution for teeth with gaps, spots or chips; remember though that it cannot be used for extensive smile make-over but just for small or minor aesthetic correction.

7) Teeth Whitening is highly suggested for teeth that have been discolored by coffee, wine, tea or tobacco use. Teeth that have been stained by medicine or those that are naturally discolored can also be treated with the help of different teeth whitening methods offered in Costa Rica. The professional whitening system provided in this country is way better and far more effective than anything you will find at any local store or pharmacy.

6) Dental Implants are the most controversial and talked about dental procedure in the planet. They are the most effective solution for missing teeth since they do not only provide permanent solution to replace missing tooth or teeth but  also provide a solution for those suffering from bite and jaw joint problems caused by teeth shifting. Aside from that, dental implants improve chewing ability and give the wearer confidence to smile and eat in public without the worry of false teeth slipping out. The best feature of dental implants are that they are a lifetime solution for missing teeth!

For price comparison, please check the table below:



Costa Rica

Veneers (per tooth)



Crowns / Bridges (3-unit)

$1200 / $2500

$440 / $1300

Full and Partial Dentures

$1700 – $5000

$600 – $1600

Dental Fillings and Bonding (per tooth)



Teeth Whitening



Dental Implant (per tooth) $4500



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There is a lot of information to digest when it comes to preparing for your dental vacation to Costa Rica.  Entry requirements to Costa Rica, how to find a dentist or dental clinic, what to expect for your specific procedure ( dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, full mouth restorations and much more) and so much more.  

The Medical Tourism & Travel Guide Offers a Free E-Book to answer all your questions.

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