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Dental Implants are Here to Stay

Costa Rica Dental Tourism News – Change is something that we cannot control or stop. It is true that it is difficult to cope up with how fast things change but with change comes improvement and advancement. In the field of dentistry change always brings something good. Let us take dental implants as an example. 

dental implants costa ricaFirst we have to know what dental implants are and how they work. Dental implants are metal posts fabricated from surgical grade titanium alloy and are surgically embedded into the jawbone beneath the gums to act as artificial tooth root to provide stable support to artificial teeth like dentures and bridges.

Titanium and titanium alloys are used to manufacture dental implants because they are strong, lightweight and biocompatible. Its ability to fuse with the bone is the most integral contribution of titanium dental implants to dentistry. How so? Well when tooth is lost, the bone that supported the tooth is also lost because it would lack the necessary stimulation to maintain its form and density. Bone lost results in stiff jaws, movement and inclination of the remaining teeth, weakening and possible loss of other teeth because more pressure is placed on them to chew food. Now with the help of titanium dental implants, bone loss is prevented and the other horrifying results of bone loss are eliminated.

The other advantage of having dental implants is that they offer reliable and durable support. For some people, ordinary dental prosthetics are uncomfortable and impossible to have because of sore spots, poor ridges and gagging. Now because dental implants fuse to the jawbone, dental prosthetics are securely fitted and mounted to implants preventing bridges, crowns or dentures from slipping or shifting inside the mouth which make them seem like natural teeth.

In the past it takes an entire year and sometimes more for the procedure to be completed. However, with continuous research and advancement of technology we can now have dental implants within a few hours in just one dental visit. It is made possible by titanium inserts that are rather thin which are then punctured thru the gum line enabling the dentist to fit the dental cap over the inserts immediately.

The possible disadvantage of having dental implants is that it is expensive compared to other dental procedures. But come to think of it, with dental implants we only pay once for the surgery and titanium screw insertion, bone grafting if necessary, and placing of dental crowns which can last a lifetime unlike getting dentures which we have to replace after four to seven years. Furthermore, with dental implants we only had to go thru the discomfort of undergoing the procedure once and be assured that we can enjoy strong and seemingly natural teeth in our lifetime.

Keep in mind though that just like other dental procedures, dental implants require healthy gums and dense jaw to support the implant so if you have weak jaw bone then bone grafting needs to be performed prior to getting dental implants. Moreover, dental patients suffering from diabetes, chronic arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, radiation to the jaws and uncontrolled periodontal disease may have to check with their dental surgeon if they can be candidates for dental implants as these conditions may affect the success rate of the implants fusing with the bone.

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