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Dengue Cases At The Highest Level in Costa Rica in Long Time

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is experiencing the highest incidence of dengue cases since 2013.

dengue costa ricaThe Costa Rican Social Security Fund has reminded us over and over to get rid of breeding sites on our properties but the virus is spreading quickly despite these efforts.

The institution has reported an analysis that shows that so far in this year there were 262 cases of the disease per 100,000 inhabitants. The figure was 345 back in 2013. This year 12,507 people have the disease, with 46 of them having severe dengue. The North Central part of the country has the highest incidence rate.

Health efforts have increased because the same mosquitoes are carrying dengue, chikungunya, and zika viruses.

The Health Ministry turned in 122 health orders given to families with garbage accumulated on their properties, which will likely lead to more mosquitoes.

In mid-June we found out that the Ministry of Health has now endorsed the sale of a dengue vaccine but it mus

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