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Demonstrations Against the Government on Costa Rica Independence Day

Costa Rica News – On a day that is supposed to be a day of celebration and being grateful for being a sovereign country it is being darkened by protesters against  Laura Chinchilla and her band of thieves.  The parade of lanterns is headed to Cartago, but Chinchilla is not going to be greeted by all happy faces there. 

Youth groups and civic organizations like Vanguardia Popular shout anti-government slogans and advice to the government here in Cartago.  It seems that Chinchilla’s expensive trips to scam money form the Chinese and let them continue shark finning are finally wearing thin on the Costa Rica public.

Protesters against Chinchilla and officials are far from the main stage and sang Patriotic songs amid claims: “We are fed up with corruption,” said Dennis Cabezas, one of the protesters.

Apart from the noise and rain activity everything seems peaceful.

We canonly hope that this is the last independence day with Chinchilla as head of the government.  It is time for her to step down, I am sure she has pocketed enough money to last her a life time with her marrying an old rich man to further her political career and the money she has gotten from the Chinese.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    Why does certain foods here cost 50% more It is I believe to keep the families in control. Milk products compared to Panama and Nicaragua are very expensive The butter and Cheese. Beer in Panama bar 85 cents here $2.00 plus. The Florida Ice company and Dos Pinos do not want any competition and do everything to keep out other business. These are 2 examples however it spreads over all the country here.
    I know poor people living out in the country barely living on $100 a months growing what they can. While Lady Laura and her diputados rake in hundred thousand dollars a years and a new car and expense account makes no sense. And do not forget her lavish trips I counted 7 in the last 2 years seeing and the Pope. Poverty = Slavery not independence. When lady Laura leaves office she will be very very rich. See how much of our loot she gets away with.

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