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Death Threats for Cocos Island Fishing Patrols

Costa Rica News – The after effects of the murder of Jairo Mora Sandoval in Limon are already taking effect in various parts of Costa Rica.  Before the murder the turtle egg harvesters and illegal fisherman would at least try to not get caught. Now that these criminals know that the Costa Rican government is not going to do anything they have grown some balls.

cocos island illegal fishingThreats protecting the natural resources of Costa Rica are very much still alive and present.

This time it was against the workers of Costa Rica’s famous Cocos Island. These boats are responsible for carrying out patrolling of the waters around the island, who during the early hours of Sunday were the target of threats by some vessels suspected of illegal fishing.

Primarily focused threats against an employee of the National Park and were issued through the radio system.

“Through radio, they mentioned to our friend they would wait in Puntarenas and knew the places he frequented, and knew where he lived. They told him that he would be hurt or killed “quoted Maikel Perez, captain of the boat.

Also, anglers who issued the threat, he mentioned to the National Park worker that he could suffer the same fate that  Jairo Mora suffered in Limon. Jairo Mora was the conservationist killed last month in Moin Limon.

The official also said that there are very few boats that work win the designated area that are there to patrol and  review to determine if they are breaking the laws of navigation. There are sometimes two or three people in the same vessel they approach. Normally these vessels coolers when opened have shark fins and other illegal fishing contraband.

However, authorities say the situation is complicated because the illegal boats take advantage of unguarded moments to enter the fishing area and more freely.

Last weekend there were more than 16 boats in the area and more than eight miles of fishing lines found and confiscated.

Jairo Mora was killed almost a month ago and the Costa Rican government has done nothing.  Yes the drug traffickers allowed the confiscation of more than 1000 kilos of cocaine and marijuana as a peace offering, but the Costa Rica population wants more action from their elected leaders.

When is Laura Chinchilla and her band of corrupt ministers going to stop thinking about their wallets and start caring about their country? The fact that Johnny Araya has already said he is not keeping any of Chinchilla’s cronies has them scrambling to make as much chorizo as possible these last months in office…..

This could be the death of “green” Costa Rica.

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