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Dancing with the Music in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – We all go crazy when someone like Marc Anthony of Juan Luis Guerra announces a concert in Costa Rica.

bachata dancing costa ricaTropical music runs through us, whether Tico or foreigner who fell in love with this culture.

Dance academies did a live survey to see what the public really likes. The majority of us can’t help but move when a tropical rhythm is played. The public is interested in learning many genres from ballet to modern to hip hop.

The young tend to like the cute styles like ballet and hip hop and as that attachment wears off they chose styles that fit their growing personalities. Some chose folk dancing while others prefer bachata or reggaeton.

The most fashionable style is always changing, but the excitement of dancing ‘til our legs give out makes many take classes in various styles. It doesn’t hurt that dancing has a way of enchanting and inspiring us.

If you see a video online and it makes you want to learn a particular style approach a dance studio such as Warehouse Dance Center or Rincón Salsero.

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