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Dancing Among Costa Rica’s Mysterious Spheres

Costa Rica Entertainment – Dance can tell a story. It’s movements can make history come alive before our eyes.

This is the goal of “A Young Dance,” a group made up of nine dancers. They’ve put together a presentation to show at the archaeological site of Batambal.

The event will be like a living museum. The group will overtake spaces that guard Columbian spheres on April 18th.

The group has presented this project at other events related to the importance of the spheres.

Batambal was declared a World Heritage site last year by UNESCO. In addition to dancing enclosed in a kinesphere, or territory enclosing the movement of the body, the dancers will integrate costumes and props that reference Aboriginal culture of the Diquís Valley.

This symbolic celebration, with a privileged backdrop of the valley, can be enjoyed by all at 4pm on the 18th. There will be handicrafts and traditional foods and beverages available.

Photo by José Guevara. La Nacion

costa rican spheres dance events


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