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Dance to Express Violence, Gender & Sex in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – The body of a dancer is an image. His or her work can move the emotions inside of us and can even make us think about important issues.

Dance in Costa Rica Gabriela-TellezThere is a new trend in dance in which the dancers are experimenting with reflections on gender, violence and sex, making impressive statements and generating a movement.

Some of the artistic visions that we have seen included dancers taking a stand to challenge roles imposed upon them by traditions. These athletes have shed sexual inhibitions and traditional ideas of how to define gender.

Dancers are at the forefront of this human rights issue.

They are teaching the public about respect and appreciation for diversity. Some recent choreography includes the OH! 8, Paco and Lola and Casa de Locas.

Dancers have made the spectators unable to guess their sexual orientation and see that maybe those boxes are not so important anyway. They point to the loneliness often experienced in our society.

This weekend there will be a second performance of Oh! 8.

Photo by Gabriela Tellez La Nacion

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