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Cutest Thing Ever; A Baby & Daisy the Sloth are Best Friends (Video)

World News  – There are somethings in life that you see and it just makes your heart warm.  This is one of those things.  You already know that babies and sloths are both cute, even just on their own. Well get ready for this.

sloth daisy and baby videoWe want you to meet 5-month-old Alia, whose best friend is an adorable sloth named Daisy. Alia’s parents, Julia and Jason Heckathorn, say that ever since the pair met when Alia was just 2 days old, they have been inseparable.

The couple decided to adopt the sloth just before they found out they were pregnant with Alia, so basically their friendship was fate.

Alia and Daisy’s favorite activities include napping and reading books. Mom Julia, who is a children’s book illustrator, loves to include her pet animals in her Hidden Clover books to better educate children about caring for the environment.

She said, “The sloth and baby have been growing up together, taking walks together, and working alongside mommy as I write my books and travel to schools. It may sound like an unusual situation, but the look on the schoolchildren’s faces as they meet their favorite book characters in real-life are priceless. These are memories that will stick with those children for a lifetime.”

By Mia Fitzharris, Yahoo News

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