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Current Costa Rica Presidential Race Poll

Costa Rica News – The PLN party presidential candidate Johnny Araya dropped in the polls plus the left wing, headed by Jose Maria Villalta, increased and achieved a virtual technical tie, reported by a survey released Wednesday in Costa Rica.

costa rica presidential electionThe study, performed by the Political Studies and Investigation Center of the Univeristy of Costa Rica (CIEP) stated that when it comes to the February 2nd election, Araya, a candidate for the National Liberation Party, was leading in voter intentions with 17.4 percent, but the Frente Amplio candidate, Jose Maria Villalta, had gained to be right beside them, with 15.7 percent.

The margin of error is actually 3.89 %, stated CIEP, and also no one can show is statiscally ahead, a technical tie was proclaimed.

The study had been carried out from November 11th to 29th, and confirms a previous study, which put Otto Guevara, a candidate for the Movimiento Libertario, in third place with 10.4 percent of potential votes, and Luis Guillermo Solis (Accion Cuidadana, 5.1 percent) in fourth, while Social Christian Union Party (PUSC) candidate Rodolfo Piza turned out to be in fifth (3.1 percent).

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