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Cubans & Staying Healthy on Your Costa Rican Vacation (Audio)

Costa Rica News –  This Week in Costa Rica will feature each week a news portion in which Dan and Rico (qCostaRica) will talk about the happenings in and around the land of “Pura Vida”. With over 30 years of living in Costa Rica between the two it give a unique insight into life in CR.

After a brief talk about their weekends and Dan adjusting to life in the big city , Rico from QCostaRica and Dan address various topics going on in and around Costa Rica:

1. Liberia Airport Airplane Crash Drillcosta rica cuban refugee crisis nicaragua border
2. Dry Season Delay in Costa Rica
3. Staying Healthy on your Costa Rica Vacation
4. Cuban Refugee Crisis at the Costa Rica/Nicaragua Border
5. Informal Employment in Costa Rica
6. Rumor of BCR for Sale in Costa Rica
7. New iPhones in Costa Rica

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