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Cuba Dave Is Free After Charges of Promoting Costa Rica Sex Tourism

Costa Rica News – Free Cuab Dave…..was the chant of many men that came down to Costa Rica seeking love if for forever or by the hour.

The court has acquitted Cuba Dave, a foreign blogger, who was previously sentenced to five years in prison for promoting sex tourism in Costa Rica.

Appellate judges overturned the sentence.

A second trial was ordered. In the new debate, the idea that the man did not know he was committing a crime prevailed. The lawyers were unable to prove that he knew his actions were illegal.

The man, David Frank Strecker, was released at 2:30 pm on Friday from the senior citizen center of the La Reforma Penitentiary Complex in Alajuela. He had been imprisoned since September 2015.

He did admit to blogging about Costa Rica as a sex tourism location but it seems a well known fact, so I’m not sure why it would be illegal to blog about it.

He also pointed out that the pictures of women in lingerie he posted are no different from the same type of pictures in the newspapers.

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