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Cross-Dressers Battle for International Miss Gay Latina in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News & Events – Huh? Jesús Hernández travelled more than 2,000 km from Puerto Rico to Costa Rica for the International Miss Gay Latina contest. He brought dresses, makeup and heels that were more than 15 centimeters tall.

miss gay latina costa rica 1The event was not well known in Costa Rica. Our own representative was only applauded by two or three people. Only 30 people, guests and press, were present in the Lucho Barahona Theater that seats 200.

Jesús Hernández goes by the name of Yeveah Altieri when transformed. On Saturday at 7 pm he shut himself in a room with his team and came out appearing as a woman, with a shaved face, hidden penis, blue eyes and black curly hair.

Yeveah, Reyshell Carialis (of Costa Rica) and five other ladies competed on a stage that looked thrown together.

The show started an hour late.

They answered questions like “How do you live in two worlds?” and “What does it mean to be gay?”

Costa Rican Reyshell Carialis came in second place, while Yeveah took first prize, $1,000 and the crown.

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