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CR Times Horoscope – June 10th to 16th

This weeks Costa Rican Times Horoscope by Lou Cheek.

weekly horoscope from costa rica
aries ARIES March 21 – April 20 This could be an uneven week in the realm of romance. Trying to force your emotional agenda on your partner could lead to rejection rather than affection during the middle of the week. A possible temporary break-up or separation will remind you to see the other point of view. It’s more important to be equal in an emotional relationship than to believe that you are “special”. Working together both of you can win.
taurus TAURUS April 21 – May 21 That frustration that you’ve been feeling is the result of a spiritual imbalance. The perception that you’re the only one who can do something correctly is actually limiting your progress and, in truth, acts as a kind of self-undoing. Rather than working so hard to impose your will, ratchet the intensity level down to get a better time sense. Use the weekend to revive the spirit and move forward gently like the wind. It pays off.
gemini GEMINI May 22 – June 21 Communication and socializing come easily this week. Although you may fell a bit “scattered” mid-week the ability to interact with others will allow you to gain some insight and complete those obligations that you’ve committed yourself to. There is a bit of financial splurging that could go on; it’s not a bad thing as long as you keep it within reason. A party or social occasion may also provide some pleasant diversion as well.
cancer CANCER June 22 – July 23 The focus is on money and financial matters this week. In some ways, you feel conflicted between purchasing a high ticket item and saving for that proverbial rainy day. The key to resolving this conundrum is to understand whether this is a “want” or a “need”. That answer can be found within your own definition of priorities. By week’s end the solution will be clear. Remember you are more than the material goodies you own.
leo LEO July 24 – August 23 Knowing when to speak and when to listen is important this week particularly where career/school matters are involved. Pay close attention to community and local matters mid-week as there is something there that could have an impact on your plans in the near future. Spending time with family members is a great way to help you stay grounded even as external communications ramp up late in the week.
virgo VIRGO August 24 – September 23 This is a good week for some introspection. Taking the time in private to reflect on the events of recent weeks will help you identify those influences from your past that may be impacted your relationships in the present. By releasing those emotions and fears that you have outgrown you can provide a kind of self-nurturing that can renew the spirit, replenish the soul and restore your belief in your path.
libra LIBRA September 24 – October 23 Time to take that spiritual pause that refreshes. Use this week to recharge your batteries and to take stock of the progress you’ve made. Mid-week you will encounter a situation that may start your creative juices flowing-most likely in the career/school realm. Even in times of good fortune, it’s important to remember to balance conscience and ambition. Renewing an old friendship late in the week will cap things off nicely.
scorpio SCORPIO October 24 – November 22 Taking care of your basic needs-emotionally, romantically, financially is what you should be concentrating your efforts on this week. From the start of these seven days it is important to recognize what is and isn’t practical in terms of fulfilling your goals in these areas. While it may not be the most glamorous of times, this period could provide a basis for sustaining your progress on a long-term basis.
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS November 23 – December 22 Intense emotional, passionate and personal relationships are going to entangle your heart and mind this week. Romance is complicated by the fact that you don’t want to feel tied down-mentally or physically-creating additional tensions. Getting involved with the wrong person is also a risk The challenge is to rein in jealousy and impulsiveness while remember that love is a compromise, not a competition.
capricorn CAPRICORN December 23 – January 20 A no nonsense approach in realm of business and career will help you cut through a lot of the extraneous details that have been clogging your intuitive pipeline recently. This may require letting go of some long held perception of how you view yourself. The end of the week could also bring a profound recognition of exactly what the true “heart of the matter” is. Allow the tide of karma to sweep you forward.
aquarius AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19 This week could be “magical” on both the romantic and social fronts. The possibility for spontaneous passionate interludes exists throughout the entire week. There is no emotional pressure on personal relationships-casual or committed-so allow things to flow openly on their own. This is a time to broaden your horizons through interactions with others. Enjoy, experience and learn.
pisces PISCES February 20 – March 20 Issues involving career and/or work leave you wanting to break free of what you view as a restrictive situation. From the first part of the week, the emotional tension could make you come across as both abrupt and sarcastic. Keep in mind that in your drive for independence there may be a spiritual price to pay to achieve it. If you can accept that possibility, you can make it happen. Get some rest, you’re going to need it.

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