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CR Times Horoscope – Feb 4th to Feb 10th

This weeks Costa Rican Times Horoscope by Lou Cheek.

weekly horoscope from costa rica
aries ARIES March 21 – April 20 This week the focus is on practicality. You seem filled with ideas but not all of them are realistic. Early in the week you may be required to think on your feet and make a quick decision on a course of action. Trust your impressions and go with what feels right; you will see that your choice was correct. Communicating your ideas in a direct manner will also prove beneficial at this time. Be direct but tactful for best results.
taurus TAURUS April 21 – May 21 There is a difference between being optimistic and realistic that will confront you this week. Emotional excess and self-indulgence could cause you to make a hasty and regrettable decision mid-week. Finances could also be strained as a result. Someone close to you may be deceiving you as to the nature of things. The challenge is trying to keep your head when, it seems, those around you are loosing theirs.
gemini GEMINI May 22 – June 21 The desire to “push the envelope”, financially and romantically this week could lead to some exciting moments, both positive and negative in nature. With your focus so intent on having fun, you may overlook the fact that when you gamble, you can also lose. The key is to “know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em”; this means, simply, to avoid letting pride dragging you farther than you intended to go.
cancer CANCER June 22 – July 23 Working harder doesn’t necessarily mean working smarter as you will discover right from the beginning of the week. While you’re trying to fix everybody else’s problems, you are adding stress that could impact your health and causing problems in your life. Make sure that you are taking the time to care for yourself. When you are running on all cylinders your ability to nurture and support others increases as well.
leo LEO July 24 – August 23 You find yourself running into opposition this week particularly in the career or business realm. On the plus side, you’ll know exactly who and what you are dealing with; on the negative side you may have to seek a compromise that you aren’t fond of. Keep in mind that half a loaf is better than no loaf at all. Don’t be afraid to ask your significant other for advice as another perspective can be truly illuminating.
virgo VIRGO August 24 – September 23 Synchronicity is definitely in play for you this week. Between an unexpected intense passionate encounter and some curious financial issues, your path is being dramatically changed. By week’s end you may find yourself asking why it took so long for you to get to this point. Know that these events have occurred right when they are supposed to. Your new road awaits-have the faith to follow it.
libra LIBRA September 24 – October 23 Career matters are the focus this week. You have a lot of ambition but find yourself fearful that there are far too many hurdles to overcome. If you look closely, however, you will find the intellectual and spiritual tools to clear away both real and imagined obstacles in your path. Ultimately, the only one that you truly have to answer to is yourself. And, as has been said in the past, “to thine ownself be true”.
scorpio SCORPIO October 24 – November 22 This week holds the potential to reinvent yourself especially in the realm of career related activities. The challenge is not to get so caught up in imagined slights from others that you allow your emotions to overrule your logic. By learning not to be so demanding and to avoid taken offense so easily, you can better integrate the lessons of the past with a clearer vision of the possibilities of the future. Dare to look forward.
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS November 23 – December 22 This week requires you to hold firm to your beliefs about what is right and wrong. You may find that you are somewhat out of sync with close friends in terms of what course of action to take. Going your own way at this time, while leaving you wondering where everyone went, is both timely and beneficial. Being ahead of the curve also means allowing destiny to take the wheel. Enjoy the ride and see what awaits you.
capricorn CAPRICORN December 23 – January 20Feelings of being held back slowly diminish this week. By the weekend, your inner poise returns and the sense of coming awake after a bad dream provides you with a profound insight on something that had been buried in your sub-conscious for some time. The possibility of an unexpected romantic encounter could also make the end of the week far more enjoyable than you had imagined at the beginning.
aquarius AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19 Emotional volatility is going to make this a challenging week, especially where matters of the heart of concerned. Minor disagreements will flare into major arguments and break-ups are more likely than make-ups. Facing reality is not pleasant but necessary. The end of the week is a critical time. Allow yourself to listen and get the facts before charging ahead. That momentary pause could make a huge difference.
pisces PISCES February 20 – March 20 Mixing business with pleasure could reap unexpected benefits this week. The ability to compromise while maintaining your independence will enable you to advance your ideals without being perceived as a threat. Explore the options and learn the possibilities. Mid-week a casual social encounter could possibly lead to the beginning (or renewal) of a romance. Keep your eyes and your heart open.

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