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Philharmonic Choses 12 Singers for Abba and Carpenters Tribute

San Jose, Costa Rica –  Costa Rica will be adding a little pop music to their orchestra ensemble. Twelve singers will be a part of the tribute to Abba and The Carpenters with the Philharmonic Orchestra. They will perform this August at the popular Melico Salazar Theater.

The artists were selected by the director of the group, after a day of auditions that took place last Sunday at the theater.

Among those elected are experienced musicians and young artists such as Arlene Elizondo (Expresso singer), Severino Karina Fuentes (expartipante “Singing for a Dream”), Tatiana Gomez (jazz singer) and Iris Guzman (member of the group Paths) .

The list is completed by Krisia Vargas Guzman, Fiorella Castro Castro, Adrian Cespedes, Ana Maria Roldan, Sofia Escalante, Quesada Amanda Montano, Sabrina Alberto Diaz and Juan Alpizar.

In addition to these artists live people may choose one of the singers to form part of these shows through voting.The competition will begin on Monday. the voting is done with  raffle tickets to concerts.

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