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CR Banks Predict More Expensive Rates this Period

The announcement of increased uptake of resources by the Government in the stock market, coupled with increased demand for credit that usually occurs in the second half of the year, will push up the lending rates linked to base rate passive .

The increase in the search for resources locally triggers alerts, because Treasury will try to attract investors with higher rates.

For Bernardo Alfaro, deputy general manager of the National Bank Risk that commercial banks will also raise rates to compete. When deposit rates up, pushes up the basic borrowing rate.

Besides the increase in rates, Mario Rivera, general manager of Banco de Costa Rica, considered to be a decline in economic activity in the country.

An analysis of the Ministry of Planning concludes that an increase of three percentage points in interest rates would increase the disbursement of the Costa Rican credit payment in about ¢ 148,000 million.

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