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CR American Football; Bulldogs Get Trounced

Costa Rica News – On Saturday, the Santa Ana Bulldogs put on their american football gear to test their skills against the AAFE USA Patriots, a semi-pro team that flew down to Costa Rica this past week.

IMG_0653I do not know if the Bulldogs were still feeling the hangover from the Tico Bowl loss to the Toros, but they were outmatched from the first kickoff.

After a little rain the Bulldogs kicked off to the Patriots who caught the ball in their own end zone and proceeded to run the ball back for a touchdown only 10 seconds into the game. Quickly it was 6 to 0 Patriots.

After a decent run back on the ensuing kick off the Bulldogs immediately fumbled on their first play on offense.  This first turnover of many resulted in another 6 points. This time on a nice 10 yard run by the team from the USA. 12 to zero.

On the next kickoff the returner for the Bulldogs took it to almost midfield to give them great starting field position. After a quick slant for about 15 years the drive seemed to stall.  On a long 4th down play the Bulldogs quarterback scrambled for a long run to set them up in the red zone. Two negative yardage runs the Bulldogs quarterback hit his receiver in the back of the end zone for 6 points.  After a failed extra point attempt the score was 12 to 6 and it looked like we could have a ball game……this would be the last points the Bulldogs put on the board.

Two interceptions thrown in the first half and the fact that the Bulldogs defense could not stop the Patriot offense doomed the team from Costa Rica.  The Patriots would score 4 unanswered touchdowns in the first half and on their final TD actually convert the 2 point attempt.  At half the score was 38 to 6 Patriots.

The second half was more of the same as the final score was USA Patriots 66 – Santa Ana Bulldogs 6.

Truth be told it was not really even that close. The Bulldogs quarterback in the first half looked like a deer in headlights and was rushed on every play. Causing mistakes with both interceptions on passes and fumbles on hand offs.  the Patriots offense ran plays at will and gobbled up large chunks of yards with each play.

If we want to look at the silver lining  in this mauling, the Bulldogs did score their first points against a team from the USA.

Will this be Santa Ana Bulldogs’ Coach Jose’s swan song? Will he return for another season?

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