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CR After Dark VIP Discount Card Kicks off in Jaco with Comedy Fest

The universal discount card has finally come to Costa Rica.  Costa Rica After Dark is promoting local businesses involved in the entertainment and travel sectors of the Costa Rican economy. This program has been described as CityPass in Central America.

Costa Rica After Dark prides itself in being a complete marketing plan for nightlife as well as day time activities in Costa Rica.

They are coordinating their kick off party this coming week in Jaco with Tetro Jaco’s “Jaco Ha Ha 2012”, a comedy festival that runs from July 5th until July 28th.  Teatro Jaco and Costa Rica After Dark are encouraging people to make a week or a weekend out of this opportunity to see one of many acclaimed performances from NY, Texas and Costa Rica’s own/ capital San Jose. Not only are you able to get a discount on theater tickets (20%), you can also save on meals, accommodations, tours, sport fishing,  or a drink before or after enjoying a good laugh at Teatro Jaco.  The VIP card is also valid for 6 months to allow you these savings until after the new year in Jaco, San Jose, Tamarindo or in many of the other locations that will be added soon into the CR After Dark program.

This is a list of businesses at which you can save when you travel to Jaco.  (

Some of the aspects that differentiate Costa Rica After Dark from all other marketing platforms in Costa Rica are the following:

  1. Promoting businesses to both tourists and locals both in English and Spanish
  2. VIP cards that are valid for 6 months and in multiple businesses throughout Costa Rica
  3. Low Cost of Cards ($20) – to make the cards affordable to everyone both Costa Ricans, Tourists, and Locals
  4. Already have businesses signed up at which you can use the VIP card in San Jose, Tamarindo, and Jaco and will be adding Arenal, Manuel Antonio area, and Puntarenas soon
  5. Live Broadcast Channel to give people a taste of what they should expect at nightlife spots
  6. Each business receives its own personal page on the site that is SEO’d and helps people get information about the who they are, what they do, where they are located , and other important data about the business.  It is like having their own personal webpage on the web. An example of this is the following (
  7. They also do marketing through flyers and sell the card through local Spanish language schools, hotels, and tour companies
  8. Costa Rica After Dark provides this marketing service for businesses for almost free ($25 for six months), only recommended businesses are chosen to become a part of this program.

If you are a business and you want to join the program or if you are a consumer that is interested in obtaining a card please email [email protected] and they will get back to you right away. In order to get your discount you will need to have your card and/or card number.




Live Video Stream – Schedule Coming Soon




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