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Could You Survive on Less Than $200 a Month in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – An eight-member family in Limon survives on just ¢110,000 a month (approximately $192).

Aracelly Matamoros Vargas is 35 years old and battles cancer. This income comes from the Joint Institute of Social Assistance and the student grant awarded to children going to school.

Her family consists of five kids and two grandchildren. They range in age from 2 months to 19 years old. This home is an example of how the poorest 10% of our country live.

The house is built on stilts and there are openings between the planks of wood, allowing the smell of the sewer to come in. There is a faulty electricity system with just three lights.

She leaves the home as organized as possible when she travels to get chemotherapy. The treatment affects her memory, which scares her as she is responsible for watching her grandchildren.

She receives a monthly packet with two cans of tuna, two bags of coffee, flour, oil, rice, sugar and jelly. Those interested in helping her can contact the social ministry of Limon.

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