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Could Human Right Procedural Errors Acquit 17 Costa Rican Criminals?

Costa Rica News – In November 2014, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights submitted a file to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights seeking to show that Costa Rica violated procedural rights of 17 convicted persons.

Costa Rica is making the argument in the Inter-American Court to avoid the acquittal of these 17 people who were convicted in local courts.

Aside from believing that nothing wrong was done, Costa Rica fears that if and when these 17 are acquitted, just about every criminal will be asking the Inter-American Court to review his or her case, claiming wrongdoings as well.

Of the 17, five are ex-directors of the former Banco Anglo Costa Rica, five are believed drug traffickers and seven convicted of sexual offenses.

They all argue procedural defects that violated their rights to a comprehensive review of the sentence.

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