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Costa Rica’s Waste Treatment Plant to Be a Reality

Costa Rica News – Seems that the Costa Rican government is finally getting serious about not letting feces run into its oceans.

wastemater treatmentA treatment plant is in the works in Los Tajos that, when completed, will remove 38 tons of solid waste from several rivers that go through 11 counties in the metropolitan area.

This amount is the equivalent of two three axes trucks. All of this was flowing through the rivers of Costa Rica into the oceans surrounding the country. 

The amount of waste removed will become more significant as the stages of connecting the various counties progresses.

The system is to cover 45% of the population in the metropolitan area this year and 65% in 2020.

About 140,000 families are already connected to the network, stopping 4.4 tons of waste, including 2.7 tons of organic matter, per day from being dumped into rivers. Organic waste in the water will be lowered by 40%.

The treatment plant will reduce the risks of diseases, odors and pests. In March 2013, the country treated only 4.2% of wastewater and that figure will jump to 28% with this treatment plan.


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