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CR’s Turrialba Volcano Spewing Ash (Video)

Costa Rica News – For all those tourist that are currently in Costa Rica you might want to try to check this out. Scientists say one of Costa Rica’s largest volcanos is spewing clouds of ash and gas, setting off a small-scale evacuation.

turrialba costa rica volcanoThe Costa Rica Park rangers in the area activated a green alert, the lowest of three levels, after the 10,958-foot (3,340-meter) Turrialba volcano let off a large rumble and emitted thick clouds of ash.

Government seismologist Gino Gonzalez said Wednesday that the volcano appeared to be calming, but 20 people and their cattle and other animals had been moved from homes on the volcano’s sides.

The volcano is 40 miles (65 kilometers) east of the capital, San Jose.

It began a series of eruptions in 2007 and several nearby villages were evacuated in 2010 and 2012.

Although this shows activity there does not seem to be any reason to be worried about a full fledged eruption.

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