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Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano Has Lake of Lava

Costa Rica News – A little lake of lava has appeared in the Turrialba Volcano. The crater has had constant activity since 2010.

The “laguito” was created in the central part of the crater. Thanks to a flyby by drone we know it is an opening with an axis greater than 50 meters.

Inside it you can see incandescent material, according to the National Seismological Network.

The appearance of this deposit is part of normal geological processes and the lake can be expected to register some eruptions.

Lava can release ash in a prolonged way or create falling ballistic elements in the vicinity around the active crater. The pond explains the reddish glow that has been seen in the nights.

This type of formation is not common but did happen at the Arenal Volcano too.

The lake should remain open while the volcanic activity persists and then close up once again.

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