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Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano Continues It’s Active Ways

Costa Rica News – If you’ve noticed ash outside your door you have probably realized that the Turrialba Volcano has once again erupted spewing ash, gas and glowing rocks.

costa rica turrialba volcano eruptionThis occurred at 2:05am on Tuesday.

The explosion was loud and bright.The whole thing lasted 100 seconds. The incandescent rocks reached a kilometer high.

The winds from the west blew ash to Moravia, Coronado and Tibás.

The volcano is now calm but is expected to get active again soon. The quiet is only a temporary one. The danger remains.

The last eruption was just days before, on the weekend. Before that, March 12 and 13 marked the most important activity from the crater since 1996.

Security has had to evacuate people in the vicinity and has set up stations to prevent the curious from entering into danger.

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