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Costa Rica’s Teatro Nacional Presents The Festival of Imagination

Costa Rica Entertainment – This weekend the National Theater has a special performance with samples of the programming that it has hosted during 2016.

The first Festival of the Imagination will have three functions from tomorrow, Friday 18, until Sunday, November 20. Tickets for each show cost ¢ 6,000.

On Friday and Saturday, 8 P.M., the choreographic work of Visiones of Breve Vida will once again take center stage. A selection of the three best contemporary dance routines of choreographers Graciela Moreno, Humid Forest and Marcela Aguilar created in 1994, will be shared with the audience.

From the selection of the Festival of Choreographers several talented people were chosen: Fabio Pérez (Chronology of a life without time), Monica and Michelle Sánchez (If the hen does not lay eggs …) and Luis Piedra (In the fragile thread of memory) . These pieces propose variations of movement based on the theme of longevity.


The National Theater will highlight the work: Chronicles of a larvae that feeds during a war at the Sunday, 4P.M. function. Following, author, Bryan Vindas will present his book printed by Editorial Costa Rica and then the audience will be able to see the theatrical version directed by Fabián Sales.

Every day, the Festival will offer a musical performance for the audience to enjoy during the intermission, between each stage show. The concerts will be held in the lobby and in the foyer of the National Theater.

On Friday group Baroque and rock music BaRock will entertain the guests. Saturday, Lenin Izaguirre, a jazz trio will accompany the audience during the break, and on Sunday, singer Natalia Esquivel will take her guitar to perform original music.

The presentation on Friday November 18 will be part of the Josephine Celebration of the Night in White. After the dance shows inside the theater, the Festival of the Imagination will offer a closing concert for its first day which will take place at 10P.M. The music will be in front of the main entrance of the National Theater at Plaza Juan Mora Fernández, the only free festival activity of the weekend.

The Festival of the Imagination of the National Theater will have dance functions Friday and Saturday at 8 P. M. On Sunday, the presentation of the play Chronicles of a larvae that feeds during a war will be held at 4 P. M and each day the audience will be able to enjoy live music during intermission.

By Brenda Sotelo

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