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Costa Rica’s Teatro Espressivo Expanding Events in 2017

Costa Rica Theater – The Teatro Espressivo, Expressive Theater, is a favorite for many Costa Ricans. 2017 is a year that they are expanding the former limits pushing their artistic offerings further than ever before.

The executive director and artistic director highlighted the programming for their theatrical releases, weekly film cycle and new addition, the literature clubs.

This annual billboard was presented to the media on Tuesday.

One of the most anticipated features is the international proposal Blood Brothers from the Israeli director Ilan Hatzor. There will also be an adaptation of Murámonos, Federico from the Costa Rican Joaquín Gutiérrez and the Alice in Wonderland drama.

There will be films shown every Wednesday at 7 pm. Each month will have a theme. There will also have a week long film festival.

The lobby store will be turned into a bookstore that will offer reading clubs for both children and adults on Saturdays.

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