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Costa Rica’s Surf for Youth (S4Y)

Costa Rica Surfing – Surf for Youth (S4Y) started four years ago with just a handful of kids but the hard work is now paying off.

foto Rafael Murillo

The program is offering young people from families with limited resources a chance at a new way of life off the streets and on the waves.

A bus picks the youth up and takes them from spot to spot in towns of Guanacaste in search of the best waves.

Their coach is strict. All students must stay in school and keep good grades in order to participate. She incorporates sports psychology and spirituality.

The program is very disciplined. The coach says she tries to tire the kids out so that first off they will practice handling hard situations and be able to them in the real world and secondly that they will be too tired to go out on the street and get into drugs or other trouble when they get home.

This great program received funding up until last month when ideological differences with the main sponsor caused funds to be cut off without notice.

To help keep the program going, you can donate at or call 2653-8533.

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